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Uganda 2017

US$5,000/year for 40 children 


Living Hope Report

A Hawaii Church pledged to build an Administration block, Toilets for girls and boys and one dormitory for girls for a cost of $20,000.

The remaining 3 important things to be able to open in 2018 according to the government regulations are Science  Laboratory, Computer Lab and the library for a cost of $5200. If funds are secured the school will be able to open in January 2018.


Government regulations required the nursery section be separated from the primary school.  A new plot of land was secured for the construction of a new nursery and partially paid by a group of students from UK Chelmsford county high school for girls who normally visits every 2 years to volunteer.  The girl volunteers made desks and  painted classrooms.  Educate The Children sponsored the distribution of uniforms, sweaters and sportswear for the children. Christopher Nkuusi -



2015:  Local Pastor Perry donated $11000 for land plus $2800 to start building 3 class rooms. Educate The Children donated additional $3,200 for roofing, plastering, doors, windows and flooring.  ETC's annual contribution has been $5,000. 

Project managed by Pastor Chris Nikussi

Uganda Project History