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May 2017

Founder Prem Advani presents via Skype at the University Center of Lake County, Illinois to Zion Benton High School English Learner Students

Click link below to watch video

MP4 UCenter Message 2017.mp4

2015-2016 School Year
I-PAC YEAR EVENT - Thursday, May 5, 2016


Miguel Angel Flores  ∙  Ana Karen Martinez 

Jaricsa Ascencio ∙ Gizelle Barrios ∙  Maria Bonilla  ∙  Joyce Marie Cordero  ∙ Genesis Espinoza  ∙  Luis Fernando Landero  ∙  Gisel G. Lozano  ∙   Ashly Menjivar-Alvarez   ∙  Victor Xavier Mares  ∙  Anthony Martinez  ∙  Jovanni Martinez  ∙  Hugo Morales  ∙  Miguel Olvera  ∙  Edgar Josue Padilla  ∙  Nicole Priscilla Pedroza  ∙  Edgar Silva


2014-2015 School Year
I-PAC YEAR EVENT - Friday, May 29, 2015


Jael Angel  ∙  David Contreras  ∙  Jennifer Hernandez  ∙  Sareth Marin  ∙  Yizeth Martinez

Carlos Baez ∙ Alexi Cardona ∙  Bryant Castaneda  ∙  Hector Cortes Del Rio  ∙  Angel David Diagues  ∙  Lisbeth Figueroa  ∙  Daniel Hernandez Flores  ∙  Reyginald Malit  ∙  Mario Martinez  ∙  Frederick Mascorro  ∙  Oscar Morales  ∙  Ariel Pineda  ∙

IPAC - International Parent Council Identifies 2014 Winners 
Fifteen students were recognized at the
IPAC Year-End Party on Wednesday, May 28 - 6:00 PM
Total of $1700 in Scholarships granted by Educate The Children (

IPAC - International Parent Council Identifies 2013 Winners 
Fifteen students were recognized with $100 each at the
IPAC Year-End Party on Wednesday, May 22 - 6:00 PM
Total of $1500 in Scholarships granted by Educate The Children (

Students that demonstrated dedication, extraordinary effort and exemplary performance during the 2012-2013 school year:
 Name (Grade)

 Mario Diaz  (11)
Audiel Gonzalez  (09)
Miguel A. Flores  (09)
Reyginald Malit (10)
 Yizeth Martinez (09)
Brenda Molina (11)
Jackelin Olvera (11)
Daniel Olvera  (11)
 Joselyn Olvera  (09)
Jaime Patlán (10)
Joav Quintana  (09)
Jesús Zuńiga  (11)
Special Recognition to 2013 Seniors:
Josue Del Rio, Erin E. Lumaque and Jonathan Lupercio Olivares


I-PAC Awards 2012 at Zion, Illinois - USA

At the beginning of the 2011-2012 School Year, I-PAC, the International Parent Advisory Council group at Zion Benton Township High School in Illinois, received a grant from the Educate The Children, Inc. foundation, a "cash" award of up to US$1,000 to be distributed among the top ten students that would complete the 2011-2012 school year at Zion Benton Township High School and accomplish certain specific conditions (see IPAC webpage at During the August 2011 registration, about 100 students registered to participate in this program. 

Ten winners were awarded $100 each at the IPAC Year-End Party on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 7:00 PM in the South Cafeteria at ZBTHS.

Projects in the USA

The cost of education in the United States per pupil per year averages around $10,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Unless a student in the United States decides to attend a private school, funding for public schools comes primarily from the state (and the taxes of state residents) with some funding from local government. The federal government provides much smaller amounts of money, generally dedicated to construction, transportation, or similar non-curricular purposes. State residents can send their children to these schools at no cost (though they must generally attend school within their own residential district or pay tuition fees.)
While $10,000 educate one child in the U.S., ETC has been contributing to the education of at least 200 children in poor villages abroad with the same amount every year.
Educate The Children's activities in the USA have involved hands-on projects, seminars or workshops and tutoring of children with low academic level for their age. Occasionally, our organization participates in special projects where students experience extraordinary circumstances during their school year. 

Tutoring & Fundraising


Tutoring elementary school children at the local libraries and special programs at schools.

Gift wrapping for Charity


MiniGolf outing with ESL- English as a Second Language students

CARPENTERSVILLE, Illinois U.S.A. (2002)

Unfortunately, some Hispanic children in the USA are being passed from grade to grade without adequately learning what they should mainly due to their shortcomings with the English language.   Often the children do not get help with their homework and assignments from their parents because of their parent’s inability to adequately understand English.   Many of these children do learn to speak English but have difficulty reading and writing in English.

Educate the Children has been working with a school in Carpentersville, Illinois and has initiated an after school program where college students majoring in Education under the supervision of a Teacher are providing educational assistance to Hispanic children.   The students are taught English for an hour, given assistance with their homework for an hour and then have some recreation time while they wait for their parents to pick them up.