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Village Program in Gatenzi - "80 Flourishing Families":  You've made it happen!
Dear IBS Rwanda Supporters,

The IBS Rwanda village program in Gatenzi is successfully coming to a close. The village is in its third and final year of implementation and participants are on their way to achieve socio-economic autonomy and independence.

We wanted to share a few recent accomplishments. In the most recent quarter:
96% of income generating activities are earning enough income to allow participants to meet daily needs and still save a portion of their incomes.
Recent vocational training graduates have all found employment.
Other than 8 HIV positive individuals who received treatment for opportunistic infections, no other participants required health care this quarter. This improvement in the villagers health can be attributed largely to behavior change. Individuals now make an effort to prevent diseases and illnesses, seek early diagnoses of health problems, and adhere to treatment regimens.
Please look forward to a full report late summer, with photos.

Finally, we would like thank all of our supporters, especially Educate the Children, who have been a major source of support for IBS Rwanda! Including IBS matching funds, we have raised the full commitment of $150,000. Thank you so much.

Dan Williams
A Village Built on Your Support

With the help of donors like you, we have funded the first two years of the IBS-Rwanda village program. Iíd like to tell you about the progress thatís been made and ask you to consider an additional gift to help fund this final year.

We Are Making a Difference!

At the start of the three-year program, the 80 families selected to participate had little or no income, were not able to adequately feed their families, suffered from preventable diseases and had little hope of improving their lives.

Today, these same families enjoy better health and have the means to generate income. Here are some of the milestones achieved:

         The incidence of malaria, diarrhea and tuberculosis have steeply declined.

         No individual suffers from malnutrition.

         All the families have at least one income-generating activity (IGA) and can meet their subsistence needs.

         Household savings range between $60 and $200 U.S.

         Families are now paying 50% of their own education and medical costs.

         Through the nine family groups, members now have social ties and rely on each other for support and economic assistance.

         Many families have begun secondary IGAs to ensure a steady source of income.

         Ninety-seven percent of the village participants have been voluntarily tested for HIV. Those positive individuals receiving anti-retroviral treatment have experienced increased CD4 counts, a sign of a strengthening immune system.

         All adults and secondary school children have  been educated about HIV, its transmission and prevention.  

         Secondary school students formed anti-AIDS youth clubs and now serve as peer educators in their communities and schools.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Together, we have had the opportunity to make a positive, lasting change in the lives of over 500 individuals. With less than a year left in the program, we need your help to complete the funding of this worthy effort.

Please donate today. Visit
GettingInvolved/global.html and be sure to check the box for the FXB Village in Gatenzi, Rwanda.

Your support is invaluable, and we know that the village families are deeply grateful for your generosity and care. Thank you.

Dan Williams


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