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SAPP-HCMC:  Students Performance Report from Ninh Thuan  District, Province of Ninh Thuan
The pictures of students  Dien Tan Primary school in the Province of Khanh Hoa 
1.  Group of students at DIEN TAN primary school taken at their school yard (Khanh Hoa province)
2.  All students and Teachers at Dien Tan primary school in the province of Khanh Hoa, saluting at a National Flag Ceremony.
3. 16 ETC scholarship recipients in front of their Dien Tan School
4.  Group of students sitting on the school-yard to listen to the principal about moral education
5.  Students in a class.

12-15 children in Uganda currently receive ETC scholarships of $2,500 per year, out of which $1,000 were specifically designated by ETC supporter Fred Murman.


Pastor Chris is in charge of the school. He has been corresponding for a while.





Kampalla, Uganda

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