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Educate The Children was founded by Prem Advani


Prem Advani, Founder & CEO (formerly of Data Performance)

Board of Directors

Steve Addante, President  (Walgreens)
Suraj Advaney, Treasurer
Annika Advaney, Vice President - India Projects
Jeanne Advani, Vice President - Fundraisers
Marianna Zeidler, Communications Director (Scope Design)
Illinois, USA Headquarters Florida - USA Office
Educate The Children
240 Course Drive
Lake in the Hills, IL  60156  USA
Educate The Children
6661 Costa Circle
Naples, Florida 34113
Direct Line 847.494.6410

Welcome  Annika Advaney  as  Vice President - India Projects



Volunteer Committees

The work of "Educate the Children" charity is performed through committees. Each committee consists of 3 to 7 volunteer members. These working committees report to the Steering Committee. The chairperson of each working committee is a member of the steering committee. If necessary, the chairperson of a working committee creates a sub-committee on a temporary basis.

Volunteers are encouraged to join more than one committee as a member or as a chairperson

Volunteer Program Committee

This committee recruits and coordinates volunteers for all committees and special task forces


Education/Infrastructure Committee

This committee selects the education curriculum to meet the local requirements; selects the method and media for audio-visual teaching and for implementing the required technology.

Fund Raising Committee

This committee is responsible for raising funds from individuals, corporations and conduct the required events such as dinners, golf outings etc.

Administrative/Steering Committee

This committee is responsible for all back office functions such as systems, procedures, brochures, web page development, accounting and IRS filings.