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Children bear the brunt of poverty

According to a UNICEF study, the new Sustainable Development Goals now recognize that children are a priority in the fight against poverty – the elimination of poverty by 2030 is the first goal of the SDGs.  Extreme poverty, measured at $1.90 per person per day, disproportionately affects children – 387 million, or 19.5% of the world’s children live in extreme poverty compared to just 9.2% of adults. Children represent half of the poor yet are just one third of the underlying population.

Education is the only possible way out of poverty

Is education the key to curing poverty?  One fact that can't be argued, however, is that poverty is definitely a burden that prevents access to education.  Poverty is not just a problem; it is a crisis; it is an epidemic.

"The way in which human beings improve is through education, learning, and understanding."  -  Confucious