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Cambodia - August 2015



The Children from Cambodia - December 2013

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2012 Report from Cambodia

That is another year coming with sweet and smile of our children from both schools, Bansay Trieng and Poy Som Rong primary school. Two days ago, I went back to see our adorable children with their scholarship which they would have for this year.

It is later than usual to have their scholarship delivered late, due to the way they are back to school and a mourning period of King's father. They started school at the beginning of October and a mourning was on 15 Oct to 23rd Oct this year. Anyway, they are really excited while I just arrived to courtyard of their school. They always realize that all the things which they need for their school this are coming. They came out from their class to do me their hand, got all staffs off the motor trailer, assemble the bicycles, etc. 

I found that they all stood around and expected to what they would have for this year. Some would got their bicycle and other staffs for schooling. They are all grown up faster than I expected. It so excited me, especially they learning how to keep the school clean. They walked around with me to pick up all the trash and put them in trash-bin. You would see them in those attach pictures. 

There are a few of them were taken along with parents to live near the border, by dropping out of school and scholarship. It really sad, but their parent decided to relocated to live there for farming.

On behalf of our 120 children in Cambodia, I would like convey highest regards and thankfulness on your devotion, sympathy and charities. It is engraved in our heart and spirit forever.
Your bring us with a new live and future.
Best regards,
Children in Cambodia

February 2011
Scholarship distribution ceremony - Vietnam 
March 2012 



Bathroom Facilities 2010

March 2010
Dear Roth,

Fred is in Vancouver, Canada and Jane is in Wheaton, Illinois, USA, but our hearts are still in Cambodia. It was just five days ago that we said "Goodbye" to you! 

Thank you so very much for making our trip so wonderfully memorable and rewarding. Without you, we and ETC could not give the opportunity of education to those children at Bansay Trieng and Poy Rong Som schools. We were very glad to meet the school administrators, teachers and students and to gain insight into the huge needs of the children and schools. 

Seeing Kosal and his family again was a very special day; we're so glad you talked to his mother about making education a part of his future. Our visit to the school near Kosal's village was a highlight of our wonderful trip; seeing those lovely children and their teacher again! I'll be sending you the photos of that day so that next time you are in the Kompong Thom area you could drop off the photos to the school and Kosul's family.

Thank you for the gift; we like it very much and we will be hanging it on our dining room wall. We will give Prem his gift from you and we will share with him/ETC the photos and our wonderful memories of our Cambodia trip when we see him later in the springtime.

With fondness and gratitude,

Jane and Fred

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